Image: AUO

AU Optoelectronics (AUO) appears to be taking NVIDIA’s concept of Big Format Gaming Displays very seriously.

The display manufacturer has unveiled a new 4K gaming TV panel that measures in at a relatively massive 85 inches. It supports VRR (variable refresh rate) and refresh rates of up to 240 Hz, the latter of which sounds like a tall order for even the most powerful GPUs based on the native resolution of the display.

AUO’s new 85-inch 4K gaming TV panel also covers 96 percent of the DCI-P3 color space and features an ultra-high dynamic range, as well as a special anti-reflection technology and low-reflective coating for reduced glare.

It’s unclear when or where AUO’s new 85-inch 4K gaming TV panel will debut, but the product has already won the 2021 Ministry of Science and Technology Central Science Park Fine Manufacturer Innovation Product Award.

Sources: DigiTimes Asia, DisplaySpecifications

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