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NVIDIA and AMD’s GeForce and Radeon products have traditionally been branded with fancy and recognizable acronyms such as RTX, GTX, and RX. Intel will not be doing something similar for its upcoming Arc “Alchemist” cards, according to naming guidelines spotted by momomo_us.

A sample usage chart suggests that the names of Intel’s new discrete gaming GPUs will simply comprise the first letter of the generation’s code name followed by three numerals that correlate with their performance tier. That means a list of Alchemist products might look something like this: A700, A600, A500, and so on.

Intel has already confirmed that the Alchemist generation will be succeeded by Battlemage, Celestial, and Druid. The naming convention of these should be B###, C###, D###, respectively.

Source: momomo_us

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  1. I’m just waiting for the A700, the A700k, the A700kn, the A700K+, the A700k++… I’m sure it will be simple and clear.

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