Image: Moore’s Law Is Dead

Moore’s Law Is Dead has shared new renders and videos that demonstrate the reference cooler design of Intel’s upcoming Arc Alchemist graphics cards.

The photos reveal a silver shroud, as well as a cooler comprising dual fans coupled with blue RGB lighting. Alchemist’s reference design also appears to feature 3x DisplayPort and a single HDMI port for connectivity, as well as dual power connectors (8-pin and 6-pin). At least three Intel logos are present to ensure that nobody mistakes this for an NVIDIA or AMD card, although it’s unclear whether those were just something that the artist came up with.

Moore’s Law Is Dead claims that Intel will launch its Arc Alchemist GPUs in the second quarter of 2022. They will supposedly be preceded by the mobile versions, which are said to release in Q1 2022.

Source: Moore’s Law Is Dead

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