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One of the most heavily hyped features behind Intel’s latest mainstream processor platform, Alder Lake, is its support for DDR5 memory, which boasts double the bandwidth and density of DDR4 for superior speeds. To aid enthusiasts who are planning to make the jump, Intel has published an early list of DDR5-4800 modules that have been validated for the Alder Lake platform and its 12th Gen Core processors. Ranging in capacities of 8 GB to 32 GB, they include DIMMs with a rated speed of 4800 from SK hynix, Samsung, Micron, and other major suppliers.

Per Intel:

The following are validation results from a small sample of DDR5 DIMMs, tested on lead Intel client reference platforms and automated tester. Intel is providing this information as a guide to memory compatibility with Intel reference platforms and in-accordance to Intel platform memory Plan of Record (POR).

It might be worth noting that the validation wasn’t performed by Intel itself, but by third-party testing lab Advanced Validation Labs. That said, Advanced Validation Labs is a familiar and highly reputable name in the OEM business.

DIMM SupplierDIMM Part NumberDIMM TypeDIMM SizeRated SpeedR/CDRAM vendorDRAM Part NumberDRAM DensityDRAM Date CodeDie RevRanks WidthPMIC VendorPMIC Rev
SK hynix*HMCG66MEBUA081NUDIMM n-ECC8 GB4800COSK hynix*H5CG46MEBDX01516 Gb2127M1Rx16Renesas*BO
SK hynix*HMCG78MEBUA0S1NUDIMM n-ECC16 GB4800AOSK hynix*HSCG48MEBDX01416 Gb2127M1Rx8Renesas*BO
SK hynix*HMCGSSMEBUA081NUDIMM n-ECC32 GB4800B0SK hynix*HS5CG48MEBDX01416 Gb2127M2Rx8Renesas’BO
Samsung*M323R1GB4BBO-CQKODUDIMM n-ECC8 GB4800COSamsung*K4RAH165VB-BCQK16 Gb2137B1Rx16Renesas*BO
Samsung*M323R2GA3BBO-CQKODUDIMM n-ECC16 GB4800AOSamsung*K4RAH086VB-BCQK16 Gb2137B1Rx8Renesas*BO
Samsung*M323R4GA3BBO-CQKODUDIMM n-ECC32 GB4800B0Samsung*K4RAH086VB-BCQK16 Gb2137B2Rx8Renesas*BO
Micron*MTC8C1084S1UC48BA1UDIMM n-ECC16 GB4800AOMicron*MT60B2G8HB-48B:A16 Gb2137A1Rx8Renesas*BO
Micron*MTC16C2085S1UC48BA1UDIMM n-ECC32 GB4800B0Micron*MT60B2G8HB-48B:A16 Gb2137A2Rx8Renesas*BO
Crucial*CT16G48C40U5UDIMM n-ECC16 GB4800AOMicron*MT60B2G8HB-48B:A16 Gb2137A1Rx8Renesas*BO
Crucial*CT32G48C40U5UDIMM n-ECC32 GB4800BOMicron*MT60B2G8HB-48B:A16 Gb2137A2Rx8Renesas*BO
Kingston*KVR48U40BS8-16UDIMM n-ECC16 GB4800AOSK hynix*HS5CG48MEBDX01416 Gb2127M1Rx8Renesas*BO
Kingston*KVR48U40BD8-32UDIMM n-ECC32 GB4800B0SK hynix*HSCG48MEBDX01416 Gb2127M2Rx8Renesas*BO

Source: Intel (via momomo_us)

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