CaseLabs Is Making a Comeback Thanks to New Ownership

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Image: CaseLabs

CaseLabs is making a comeback thanks to new ownership. The new owner, Emil Rytterstedt, has been in communication with Gamers Nexus, providing details regarding the revival. The strategy is to use the original designs at first and then move on to new products. It will be a challenge for the new team to learn the fabrication processes needed for the various parts. Emil has stated that keeping the original spirit of the company is of utmost importance. He is a believer in the right to repair.

Image: CaseLabs

CaseLabs began producing electronic enclosures for industrial, medical, and military, applications in 1971. In 2010, the company began producing PC cases. It quickly gained notice for quality workmanship and the option to customize cases straight from the factory. It closed its doors in 2018 after 50 years due to astronomical price increases brought by tariffs and supply chain issues.

GN has read court documents pertaining to the transaction and can confirm its legitimacy.

We spoke with the new owner about CaseLabs to ask about his plans. The owner told us:

β€œThe immediate plan is to bring the original line-up back into production, which will not be an easy task. The parts will be in a flat, unfolded, state and there is no instructions for how to fold the parts so me and my manufacturers […] will have to work out how to fold each individual part.”

Source: Gamers Nexus

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