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Amazon has released an official statement to address ongoing reports of New World’s alleged capability of bricking select NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards. According to the statement received by French outlet HardwareLuxx, there’s nothing wrong with the game—Amazon states that it conducted an investigation and found nothing that could lead to destroyed GPUs. Amazon suggests that this is purely a hardware issue, and that players who ended up with dead graphics cards should contact their manufacturers for assistance.

A machine translation of the statement received by HardwareLuxx:

In the last few days we have received few reports from gamers who have had problems with their GeForce RTX cards. After a detailed investigation, we could not find any unusual behavior on the part of New World that could be the cause of these problems. EVGA has already confirmed errors in the manufacture of some GeForce RTX cards. New World is safe to play. We recommend that players who have experienced a hardware failure contact the manufacturer.

EVGA told PCWorld in September that a rare soldering issue was to blame for GeForce RTX 3090 cards failing while playing Amazon’s New World. An X-ray analysis revealed “poor workmanship” on soldering around the card’s MOSFET circuits that powered the impacted cards.

Source: HardwareLuxx

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  1. J2C already proved there an issue with the coding in the game. Pushing very high power usage in the menu. Even on my 2080Ti I see spikes of 120% power.

    That can’t be good for hardware.

    That being said, I’ll continue to play it. I dropped power to 90% in afterburner which has tamed the spikes with no real loss in FPS.

  2. [QUOTE=”Riccochet, post: 42217, member: 4″]
    J2C already proved there an issue with the coding in the game.
    I’m with Zath on this one. The game may have shit for code, but the GPU should still be able to keep it from bricking itself.

    That said, yeah, the server select screen pushes my GPU harder than the character creator or tutorial parts of the game (not played it past that, got it for free)…

    The in-game options for frame capping only allow for 30/60/Unlimited, but i’ve had my GPU set at a global cap of 140 for a while, I don’t know if it honors that or not.

  3. I’m not touching this game for now, I’m sure that even they say it works as intended it will get a fix somewhere down the line.

  4. Yea I watched the J2C video as well and it’s pretty clear there is a problem with this game destroying video cards. On the same token it’s video cards not protecting themselves.

    the fact that this is multiple manufacturers points to a problem being inadvertently exploited by the code Amazon published. This needs a fix from Nvidia and a fix from Amazon.

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