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YouTuber DannyzReviews has shared an investigation that suggests PC gamers might want to stay away from the Xbox One controller’s Bluetooth mode. According to his benchmarks, the Xbox One controller causes significant performance issues and FPS loss in certain games such as Hitman 2 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider when the peripheral is connected via Bluetooth. These titles saw losses of up to 68 FPS and 25 FPS on average, respectively, when compared to its wired mode.

From DannyzReviews:

In this video we investigate a weird phenomenon that seems to be affecting the Xbox One S controller when using it with your gaming PC VIA Bluetooth. A lot of PC gamers will use a controller such as the Xbox One controller to play their games, but many users have reported awful performance issues, stuttering, and lag when the controller is connected through Bluetooth. I decided to benchmark some various games to see which ones were affected and how bad the impact was.

DannyzReviews also tested the new Xbox controller designed for Series X|S consoles in Bluetooth mode and found that it didn’t exhibit the same performance issues. The problem with the Xbox One controller can be avoided by using Microsoft’s official wireless dongle.

Source: DannyzReviews

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  1. I had nothing but headaches trying to use my Xbox controller over bluetooth. Trying to pair it to something else and then pair it back successfully was a nightmare. I ended up buying the wireless USB adapter directly from Microsoft for $30. I haven’t had a single issue since. The adapter also allows you to use it in duo mode (like with the Xbox Adaptive Controller) and up to 8 controllers, whereas over bluetooth you can’t.

  2. People seem to to forget that the Xbox controllers (ALL of them) periodically needs to be check for firmware updates via Windows Store Xbox access app, with USB connection for a stable download but only through USB 2.0, for some reason, the app or the OS hates shacking hands with USB 3.x.

  3. I use one in BT for my laptop but nothing too demanding (Hades being the most so far). But on my desktop in BT mode it’s not great (I guess maybe the BT module on my Asrock mobo?) but using the MS wireless dongle it’s fine.

  4. For my gaming desktop I use wired everything. Even the Xbox controller I have plugged in. Oh everything other than my headset. That I run wireless unless the battery gets low then I can run it wired just fine.

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