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VGC shared a report earlier this month suggesting that a studio by the name of Virtuos was developing a remake to Hideo Kojima’s critically acclaimed Metal Gear prequel, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. A Virtuos employee’s LinkedIn profile that was spotted by a Twitter user over the weekend appears to lend major credibility to the report. According to Virtuos’ lead software engineer, Virtuos has, in fact, been developing a remake of an action-adventure game. The bullet points include “triple-A quality level art,” “4K graphics,” and “set piece destruction.”

From VGC’s original report regarding Konami’s plan of reviving key franchises that include Metal Gear:

The new project is currently in early development and multiple sources suggested it would be centered around fan-favorite entry Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, rather than the original MGS.

Konami also intends to release remasters of the original Metal Gear Solid games for modern consoles, ahead of the larger project, we understand.

Other franchises that Konami is purportedly planning revivals for are Silent Hill and Castlevania. The last Metal Gear game that was released was Metal Gear: Survive, a spin-off of Metal Gear Solid V that allows players to create their own characters and learn to…survive.

Source: Faizan Shaikh (via VGC)

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