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Dragon Age 4 will not be released for last generation’s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. This is according to the LinkedIn profile for Daniel Nordlander, Dragon Age’s lead player designer at BioWare, which only lists PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC as the fourth installment’s platforms. GamesBeat has also confirmed that Dragon Age 4 will only be available for next-gen consoles and PC.

Per GamesBeat’s Jeff Grub:

[…] I’ve also separately confirmed that EA is planning the game only for the new-gen systems.

Moving on to new hardware seems like the natural order for video game software development, but it’s something that many companies are shying away from. BioWare most recently released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in May. But that collection didn’t even get a version native to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Instead, EA and BioWare released it only for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and then used the backward compatibility on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

BioWare hasn’t shared anything substantial regarding Dragon Age 4 since its official teaser trailer, which premiered during the 2020 Game Awards. The game’s vague synopsis only confirms that it will take place on Thedas, the franchise’s only known continent.

Source: GamesBeat

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  1. As it should be. We saw what happened with the legacy consoles and Cyberpunk 2077. Developing for those ancient platforms will potentially constrain the developers in terms of what they can do with the game and there is no reason for it. We are still likely a couple of years away from this releasing at the very least. If it were coming out anytime soon it might have been a bad idea, but fast forward a couple of years or more and I don’t see any reason to release it on the older consoles.

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