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VideoCardz has shared the first images of Corsair’s next-generation all-in-one cooler designed for Intel’s LGA 1700 socket and 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake” processors. The company appears to have taken a page out of competitors such as NZXT, as the cooler will feature a customizable LCD panel that allows users to display system information such as temperatures and pump RPM, as well as animated clips. Corsair’s new AIO cooler will also expectedly feature RGB lighting.


Pump Design:



From VideoCardz:

[…] The promo shots that we received actually do show ASUS PRIME Z690 motherboard with Corsair Vengeance DDR5 memory. The company is clearly launching all those products together. […]

The cooler is attached to the dual-fan radiator with ARGB lighting. It is unclear if those are actually new fans or rather something that is already being used for other coolers. The cabling is hidden on teaser images but we can see that there is a single braided cable from the pump, which is likely where the USB power and fan connectors are hidden.

Corsair has also shared a short clip on Instagram that teases the AIO cooler’s LCD panel and how it can be customized. It shows some of the background options for pump RPM, CPU temp, and coolant temp before ending with a short video clip of a sports car, demonstrating how short videos can be played back on the display.

Source: VideoCardz

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