GIGABYTE has revealed that it’s working on a next-gen AORUS gaming PC dubbed Project Cielo. Featuring 5G antennas, the PC is notable for looking a lot like one of iRobot’s many Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners. It also features a modular design that comprises three parts, allowing it to be separated or stacked.



[…] AORUS proudly presents you with the concept of the next-gen gaming PC – Project Cielo. Named after the infinite sky, Project Cielo integrates 5G connectivity, modular design, and outstanding portability, which profiles the future of gaming.

Project Cielo key features:

Exclusive Hidden 5G Antenna: “An integrated 5G antenna in a PC is what AORUS envisions the future of gaming PC will look like. Project Cielo cleverly integrates the 5G antenna on top of the chassis. Thanks to its unique wing-shaped design, gamers can always get lightning-fast connection when needed and put it away for keeping the sleek look.”

Exclusive Modular Design: “Gaming PCs will eventually evolve into the info & entertainment center at home. That’s the reason for having Project Cielo modularized. The PC consists of three different parts: the main system, the battery pack and the Bluetooth speaker. Users can combine any of the two parts and fulfill their needs for gaming, entertainment or other mobile applications.”

GIGABYTE hasn’t shared any pricing or availability information for Project Cielo yet, but its marketing promises that it should be one of the more unique systems out there, being a portable 5G gaming PC. Its color scheme also makes it a good match for the PlayStation 5.


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  1. Hmm…

    5G gaming computer seems… ridiculous. I guess it’s aim is to be portable, so check that box?

    That said, the modular idea is interesting. I thought it might actually be “modular” as in the PC parts.. but it’s the computer, a battery pack, and a bluetooth speaker. So, yeah, no… not interesting in the least.

    You still need a monitor, so … wtf is the point? And the bluetooth speaker stacks on the case, so why even make it bluetooth? Wouldn’t most portable users use a headset anyway?
    Might be of some moderate interest if you could stack multiple battery packs, maybe, and even then only remotely.

    So many questions… this seems like so many solutions looking for a problem.

  2. I was hoping for modular cpu layer with ram a modular gpu layer, and a base i/o layer that each can be changed or upgraded individually. But no..

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