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Assassin’s Creed dataminer j0nathan has discovered that Valhalla‘s next DLC could be called Dawn of Ragnarök. The data reveals a trophy set, campaigns, weapon upgrades, and various quests. The items listed suggest the new expansion will be focused on the dwarven realm of Svartalfheim as it readies itself for the invasion of Muspelheim, setting the game up for the apocalyptic events of Ragnarok.

Datamined code suggests the game’s third expansion will be named Dawn of Ragnarök, and be set in the dwarven realm of Svartalfheim.

This means Ubisoft was being a little sneaky with its previous tease of Muspelheim – whose forces look set to invade Svartalfheim in this expansion. These events, j0nathan claims, will set up Valhalla’s own mythical Ragnarok we’ve seen glimpses of previously.

Ubisoft has not announced the next DLC but has stated that more content is in the works. This would be the fourth major expansion. The Viking Age: Discovery Tour expansion was recently made available to owners of the game for free, a historical educational experience for players to explore Viking heritage and local. It is also available as a standalone purchase for console and PC. The other expansions are The Siege of Paris and the Wrath of the Druids.

Source: j0nathan (via Eurogamer, VGC)

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  1. I’ll be shocked if they don’t release an ultimate/goty version with everything.

  2. [QUOTE=”Peter_Brosdahl, post: 42827, member: 87″]
    I’ll be shocked if they don’t release an ultimate/goty version with everything.
    I already have the ultimate edition. Just wondering if it will keep including expansions.

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