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G.SKILL has announced its Ripjaws S5 Series low-profile high-performance DDR5 memory kits. They are 33 mm tall and are designed for mini-ITX builds or those with large CPU coolers. Frequency speeds range from DDR5-4800 to DDR5-6000. Size capacities range from 16 GB to 128 GB per module. Colors are matte white or matte black with chromatic visual styling based on classic racing stripes and grilles. Pricing and availability will be announced in November 2021.

Ripjaws S5 is a high-performance, low-profile DDR5 memory tailor-made for the latest DDR5-enabled platforms. Using only best-in-class, hand-screened memory ICs that passed G.SKILL rigorous performance tests, each Ripjaws S5 memory kit strikes the perfect balance between performance, compatibility, and stability.

Available in matte black or matte white aluminum heatspreaders, Ripjaws S5 is the ideal match in any PC build for enthusiasts, gamers, and modders who are looking for the perfect trinity of speed, capacity, and style.

Availability & Specifications

These high-speed memory specifications will be available via G.SKILL worldwide distribution partners in November 2021. For a list of specifications, please see the table below.

Image: G.SKILL

Source: G.SKILL (via TechPowerUp)

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