Space-Combat Shooter Chorus Gets a Story Trailer

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Deep Silver has released a new story trailer for its new space-combat shooter, Chorus. Developed by FISHLABS, players will take on the role of a hero-turned-fugitive named Nara to save the galaxy. She will partner with a sentient starfighter called Forsaken, and the two will battle the forces of the circle. The trailer showcases combat, exploration, character upgrades, and backstory. Chorus will release on PC and consoles on December 3.

Welcome to the world of Chorus and our latest trailer which introduces you to the story of ace pilot Nara, a fugitive on a quest to destroy the dark cult that created her, facing her haunted past along the way.

Along with her sentient starfighter Forsaken, Nara explores ancient temples, engaging zero-g combat and fighting to unite the resistance forces against the cult (known as the Circle) and their leader, the Great Prophet.

The trailer highlights Nara and Forsaken’s deep bond and redemption arc to overthrow the cult via intense cutscenes; the epic space adventure across the galaxy, with various quests and a rebellion lead; and the kinetic spectacle of intuitive space action combat through maneuvers, powers, and weapons.

Pre-order and receive the Elder Armor skin set. Resplendent in gold and purple livery, reserved only for the most exalted members of the Circle, the Elder Armor harks back to Nara’s military past. This cosmetic pack can be applied to Forsaken as well as all three of the starting weapons; the Gatling Gun, Missile Launcher, and Laser Cannon.

Chorus will release on 3rd December 2021. Pre-order now for Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC via Epic Games Store and Steam.

Source: Chorus The Game (via DSOG)

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