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Contrary to speculation mounting from the more pessimistic side of the Intel camp, Intel will not be terminating support for DDR4 memory with its next round of mainstream desktop processors, the 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake-S” series. That’s according to Moore’s Law Is Dead, who claims that Raptor Lake will support DDR4 and that Alder Lake users should not be wary of their current or future DDR4 motherboard purchases. Intel was the first to introduce DDR5 to the masses with its Alder Lake launch last week.

From Moore’s Law Is Dead:

Raptor Lake will support DDR4.

Some people might say “duh”, but I have seen a conspiracy theory going around that Intel would obsolete DDR4 mobos when Raptor Lake launches. No, they won’t.

Rest easy DDR4 Alder Lake buyers.

Intel’s first Raptor Lake processors are expected to launch in late 2022. Their release may coincide with the launch of AMD’s Zen 4 processors and all-new AM5 platform, which will enable DDR5 support for Ryzen users.

Source: Moore’s Law Is Dead

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