be quiet! has launched its first quiet fans with ARGB lighting for enthusiasts who desire something beyond the the quiet performance and sleek design that the manufacturer is known for. Available in 120/140 mm PWM and PWM High-Speed models, be quiet!’s new Light Wings fans feature an LED ring at the inlet and another narrow LED ring at the outlet, both of which are equipped with up to 20 individually addressable LEDs. They also include a diffuser for spreading the light in both directions.

From be quiet!:

Light Wings fans are available in two different versions. The PWM model, equipped with seven fan blades and a rotational speed up to 1.700 rpm (120 mm) or 1.500 rpm (140 mm) is ideally suited as a case fan thanks to its low operating noise level. The PWM high-speed model with nine fan blades and up to 2.500 rpm (120 mm) or 2.200 rpm (140 mm) is optimized for use on radiators or heat sinks. The thick frame and the adapted impeller result in shorter fan blades with optimized angles for a balance between volume and performance for both models. The high-quality robust rifle bearing guarantees a long-lasting and trouble-free operation with a long service life of up to 60,000 operating hours. All Light Wings fans have a PWM connector that can intelligently control the rotation speed directly via the motherboard.



  • Light Wings 120 mm PWM: €22.90 / $26.90 / £22.99
  • Light Wings 120 mm PWM high-speed: €22.90/ $26.90 / £22.99
  • Light Wings 140 mm PWM: €23.90/ $29.90 / £24.99
  • Light Wings 140 mm PWM high-speed: €23.90/ $29.90 / £24.99

Triple-Packs (includes ARGB hub):

  • Light Wings 120 mm PWM Triple-Pack: €69.90/ $79.90 / £59.99
  • Light Wings 120 mm PWM high-speed Triple-Pack: €69.90/ $79.90 / £59.99
  • Light Wings 140 mm PWM Triple-Pack: €72.90/ $84.90 / £65.99
  • Light Wings 140 mm PWM high-speed Triple-Pack: €72.90/ $84.90 / £65.99

be quiet!’s Light Wings will be available in stores beginning on November 23.

Source: be quiet!

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  1. ‘Addressible’

    There are at least two types of controllable RGB, with ARGB allowing for the control of ‘nodes’ in the RGB ‘loop’, when the respective software cooperates.

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