NVIDIA is being accused by some critics of encouraging GeForce NOW subscribers to switch to its pricier RTX 3080 plan by neutering the performance of its older Priority tier. The controversy stems from an email shared on the r/GeForceNOW subreddit, which appears to come directly from NVIDIA and reveals that some games on GeForce NOW are now capped at lower-than-standard frame rates such as 45 FPS (Cyberpunk 2077) and 50 FPS (Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy). Frustrated GeForce NOW subscribers say that NVIDIA had previously promised 60 FPS for the Priority tier.

Image: LizzieLovesDaGlizzy

From r/GeForceNOW’s LizzieLovesDaGlizzy:

So I made a post about the new Guardians of the Galaxy game a few days ago, and how the game would hard cap at 50fps despite the settings applied. A lot of comments had the idea that the game is capped at 50, along with a few other games, due to the 3080 releasing soon.

I had quite a long road to walk with the live chat support, but in the end, I got an email from them. It simply states that it is not a bug. It is not my connection. Guardians of the Galaxy is hard capped at 50fps. Cyberpunk is now also capped at 45fps.

I’ve responded to the email with a few more questions, because after all, they advertise 1080p 60fps. Not 1080p 60fps (if you play the right games)

NVIDIA introduced its new RTX 3080 tier for GeForce NOW on October 21. Leveraging more powerful gaming servers equipped with AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO processors, the option costs $99.96 for a six-month subscription and promises up to 1440p at 120 FPS.

Source: r/GeForceNOW

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  1. Anyone that pays for GFN, and have an RTX card, get what they deserve from that no dedicated content SUBSCRIBED service.

  2. What do you expect when you don’t own the hardware? Especially from a notoriously manipulative company like Nvidia.

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