Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Gets a 30-Minute Fan Film

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Image: Konami

Filmmaker Colten Dietz has created a 30-minute fan film based on Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams. It is written, directed, and produced by Dietz and stars Vic Mignogna (Star Trek Continues, Full Metal Alchemist, RWBY), Mercedes Peterson (Anna 2, Rattlers 2), and Julie Anne Prescott (Apex Predators, VHS Violence).

A troubled man makes his way through the monster infested- town of Silent Hill as he searches for his deceased wife and try’s to come to terms with what happened in his past.

The film was released on on Halloween and has already garnered praise from fans from around the world. Below is one of the moments from the original game. Many have commented on veteran actor Vic Mignogna being a great choice for James Sunderland.

Image: Superkede Productions/Konami

Making of Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Dietz has asked fans to voice their support of the franchise. There have been many rumors about various Silent Hill projects in recent years. Projects such as this add to fan enthusiasm and should lead Konami to bringing the franchise back to life.

Hope everyone enjoying the film, once again please make sure you’re sharing it and getting the word out about the project. Let’s show Konami that fans still dearly care about this incredible video game franchise 🙂 let’s never let Silent Hill Die! 🙂 once again happy Halloween!

Source: Restless Dreams (via DSOG)

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