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Ubisoft has decided to give away free PC copies of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory as part of its 35th anniversary celebrations. Despite being nearly 17 years old, this game is still regarded by most—if not all—Splinter Cell fans as the best installment of the stealth franchise. Chaos Theory features a critically acclaimed soundtrack by Brazilian electronic artist Amon Tobin.

The official game description:

The year is 2008.

Citywide blackouts … stock exchange sabotage … electronic hijacking of national defense systems … this is information warfare.

To prevent these attacks, operatives must infiltrate deep into hostile territory and aggressively collect critical intelligence, closer than ever to enemy soldiers.

You are Sam Fisher, the NSA’s most elite black-ops agent. To achieve your mission you will kill from close range, attack with your combat knife, shoot with the prototype Land Warrior rifle, and use radical suppression techniques such as the inverted neck break.

As the enemy evolves, so must you.

Recent reports have claimed that Ubisoft is finally working on a new Splinter Cell game following 2013’s Blacklist, which featured a younger Sam Fisher. It supposedly includes gameplay elements that were inspired by IO Interactive’s Hitman reboot from 2016.

Source: Ubisoft

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