Seagate and Cooler Master Announce Contest for Halo Infinite PC Case

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Image: Cooler Seagate/Cooler Master

The Halo franchise has been receiving a lot of attention ahead of Halo Infinite’s December 8 launch. To help promote the release, Seagate and Cooler Master have partnered to give fans a chance to win a Halo-themed NR200 case and external 2 TB game drive. The case was designed with help from GIGABYTE and computer-modding company TAGMods. The contest is region-specific; those wishing to enter can need click on the appropriate link below.

Embracing the maker spirit, Cooler Master has partnered with Seagate Gaming to help Halo fans to Make It Yours! 😎

Drawing on skills and expertise from TAGMods and Metarena, and support from AORUS, we’ve been able to turn a vision into reality.

And now it’s your chance to win 1 of 10 Cooler Master NR200 Halo custom cases! 🤯

This is a region-specific giveaway, follow the link for your region to enter:

NA (US & CA):


Image: Seagate/Cooler Master

Sources: Cooler Master, Seagate

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