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DDR5 may have just hit the market, but that didn’t stop Samsung from teasing future generations of memory during its recent Tech Day 2021 event. The Korean giant discussed not only DDR6, but also GDDR6’s successors, GDDR6+ and GDDR7. DDR6 is targeting speeds of up to 17,000 MT/s, while GDDR6+ and GDDR7 will boast speeds of up to 24,000 MT/s and 32,000 MT/s, respectively.

JEDEC modulesOverclocking modules
DDR4up to 3,200 MT / sup to 5,600 MT / s
DDR5up to 6,400 MT / sup to 8,400 MT / s
DDR6up to 12,800 MT / sup to 17,000 MT / s

From ComputerBase’s coverage (machine translated):

With DDR6 the doubling continues and for DDR6 up to 12,800 MT/s are planned accordingly, with DDR6 + it should be 17,000 MT/s. Samsung is working together with other JEDEC members from circles of DRAM and SoC manufacturers on the completion of the DDR6 standard, which according to current planning is expected in 2024. […]

Samsung describes its GDDR6, which is primarily intended for graphics applications, with 18,000 MT/s as “currently the fastest DRAM in the world.” Samsung plans to increase this to 24,000 MT/s in the 1z nm process this month and is calling this level GDDR6+. The successor GDDR7 is still on the roadmap without a public appointment. With this, the throughput should increase by a third to 32,000 MT/s. Another innovation in GDDR7 is a “real-time error protection feature,” which Samsung has not yet explained in detail.

HBM3 will also reportedly enter production in the second quarter of 2022. The third generation of high-bandwidth memory, HBM3 is set to offer at least 819 GB/s of bandwidth according to SK hynix’s developments.

Source: ComputerBase

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  1. Didn’t we [I]just[/I] start getting DDR5?

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