Keanu Reeves Not a Fan of Neo or John Wick Being Added to Mortal Kombat, but Would Love to Join the MCU

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Esquire has shared a new interview with Keanu Reeves in which he answers a number of burning questions from fans. One of the more amusing responses relates to NetherRealm Studios’ apparent obsession of adding movie icons to its growing roster of Mortal Kombat characters; Reeves plainly stated that he wouldn’t allow Neo or John Wick to be added if he had any say in the matter. Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon revealed last year that he wanted both of these characters in MK11.

“If it was up to me? No,” Reeves said when he was asked whether he’d allow that to happen. “Mortal Kombat is awesome in so many ways. But I think, you know, Neo… John Wick… yeah man, they’re doing their own thing. Mortal Kombat’s doing their own thing.”

Reeves was also asked about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which he seems to be far more positive about. The actor admitted that he would love to be a part of what Disney and Kevin Feige has built.

“Isn’t it bigger than a universe?” Reeves asks. “It’s almost like a multiverse… It’s a Marvel-verse. It would be an honor. There’s some really amazing directors, and visionaries, and they’re doing something no one’s ever really done. It’s special in that sense in terms of the scale, the ambition, the production. So it’d be cool to be a part of that.

Reeves returns as Neo in The Matrix Resurrections, which debuts theatrically and on HBO Max on December 22. The actor also has two additional John Wick films lined up; Chapter 4 is already in post-production according to IMDb.

Source: Esquire

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