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Intel fans who are planning to jump onto the company’s new graphics solutions could be compelled to upgrade on an annual basis. That, at least, is according to recent statements made by Intel’s Arc Community Advocate, Bryce Furuya, who teased that blue team is aiming to release the fourth generation of its Arc GPUs (code named “Druid”) in 2025. Being that the first-generation Alchemist is slated to arrive in the first quarter of 2022, the implication is that Intel will be debuting a new generation of Arc products every year. NVIDIA and AMD are typically on a two-year cadence.

A multi-year roadmap that Intel shared during Architecture Day has confirmed that the company’s first-generation Alchemist products will be trailed by more advanced architectures code named “Battlemage” and “Celestial.” These will presumably debut sometime in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

Image: Intel

Source: Bryce Furuya

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  1. [QUOTE=”Brian_B, post: 44358, member: 96″]
    Maybe they should be focused on getting the first one out before they make too many plans.

    Nah let them bring it, we can use the competition, and you need to plan ahead due to the time it takes to design chips etc..

  2. Yea but they don’t advance tech and continue with 3 to 5 percent improvements people won’t be interested.

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