Image: ASUS

ASUS has shared a new piece of hardware that might be of interest to enthusiasts who are coping with a sagging graphics card.

Part of the company’s premium gaming line, the ROG Wingwall is a new graphics card holder from the manufacturer that’s designed to prevent beefy graphics cards such as NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3090 from sagging. The ROG Ringwall might also be relevant to enthusiasts who are merely seeking an upgrade in aesthetics, as a majority of the slab comprises an RGB LED array.

Image: ASUS

ASUS on the ROG Wingwall’s lighting support and capabilities:

[…] An Aura Sync-capable RGB LED array casts coordinated lighting and 3D effects through two easily swappable acrylic plates, blending function and form. The pre-installed plate displays an ROG logo pattern, while the second acts as a canvas for you to make your own design with bundled decals.

The ROG Wingwall is also pretty simple to install, as ASUS explains:

The ROG Wingwall graphics card holder takes advantage of your case’s PCI Express expansion slot brackets to distribute the weight of larger graphics cards. Its three mounting holes couple with your case using its existing thumbscrews or other mounting hardware, allowing the Wingwall’s ultra-tough aluminum frame to keep your graphics card horizontal. A flexible, adjustable support platform slides horizontally and extends vertically to ensure the perfect point of support for graphics cards of almost any dimension.

ASUS initially teased its ROG Wingwall graphics card holder during a PCDIY live stream in October alongside a more intricate model called the ROG Herculex, which includes a spirit level for more OCD types. The ROG Herculex is yet to be listed on ASUS’ site, but the ROG Wingwall can be found here.

Source: ASUS

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