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NZXT has announced what appears to be the perfect PC case for fans of CD PROJEKT RED’s controversial sci-fi RPG.

Part of the manufacturer’s limited-edition line of CRFT licensed products, the H710i Cyberpunk is a compact mid-tower that was inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 and developed in partnership with Polish studio CD PROJEKT RED. The case features a graffiti design and a logo of megacorp Arasaka on the front, as well as accessories such as a puck for holding headsets.

NZXT on its H710i Cyberpunk case:

Once owned by the Arasaka corporation, this tower has been tagged by the intrepid citizens of Night City. The layers of kitsch graffiti contrast the Arasaka design, embodying the rich, layered history of the Cyberpunk 2077 universe.

The H710i is excellent for ambitious builds with plenty of space for large or premium cybernetic components. This enhanced “i” version adds two RGB strips and an RGB and Fan controller, enabling users to capture the neon energy of Night City itself.

NZXT’s H710i Cyberpunk case is available for $299.99. Some of the other limited-edition cases that the manufacturer has made in the past include the H510 Valhalla (Assassin’s Creed), H510i Mass Effect, and H510 Siege (Rainbow Six).

Source: NZXT

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  1. [QUOTE=”MadMummy76, post: 44919, member: 1298″]
    Actually not bad, but I guess it will be USA only, and overpriced AF.

    It can be seen in their EU store, it’s at 299.99€ which is around 60€ over the base 710i which is hefty but not unreasonable, still too rich for my blood.

  2. I think the most I Ever paid for a case was around €200 and regretted it.

    Edit: Well, they don’t ship to my country anyway, so this is one decision I don’t have to make.
    That said I’d sooner pay €300 for a case than €80 for a game.

  3. The style and ascetic are correct. I would have been MORE impressed if they had different case designs for different companies with the Arasaka version or Mitsuhama version being a full tower. But that’s just me.

  4. Rattle can from Walmart could do the job much cheaper. Phfft, just leave it in downtown KC for the night…

    Might have to secure it to something so you can collect it in the morning, but I guarantee it’ll be custom.

  5. Not really my style, but nice I guess?

    Seems a little late to benefit from the Cyberpunk launch hysteria.

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