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For some time, the gaming industry has been speaking about possible price increases for AAA games. It appears that Square Enix has taken that step with the upcoming PC releases of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and Forspoken. They are up for preorder for $69.99 on EGS and Steam, respectively. The deluxe version of Forspoken with DLC and bonus items is listed at $94.99.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

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The game reimagines the events of the 1997 PlayStation classic up to the team’s departure from the city of Midgar. The original game was a ground-breaking release that changed the gaming landscape with its flexible RPG mechanics, epic story, unforgettable characters and sky-high production values – there’s a reason it regularly features on lists of the best games ever.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE captures the unique spirit of that earlier game, but modernizes it with a new battle system, deeper characters, new events and more.

Although it was already a critically acclaimed game (fun fact: the original PS4 release won Best RPG and Best Score and Music in last year’s Game Awards) FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE takes it even further with graphical improvements, 4K and HDR support, improved framerates (up to 120 FPS in the PC version), a photo mode, additional content and more.

Released earlier this year on PS5, the PC version of the game is now coming to the Epic Games Store. Not only that, but it includes all the DLC for the game in one package, including the excellent FF7R EPISODE INTERmission!


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Perhaps the biggest question fans have about the game is a simple one: “when can we play it!?”

We’re excited to announce that the game is set for release on May 24, 2022, for PS5 and PC via STEAM, the Epic Games Store and Windows Store.

What’s more, it’s available to preorder now, and there are some cool bonuses for doing so:

Preorder on PS5 (PlayStation Store) to get the No Limits Cloak, Symbol Combo Necklace, Trigger Happy Nails and Crafting Starter Kit (digital only)

Pre-purchase on PC (STEAM, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store) to get an Elite Cloak, Spectra Combo Necklace and Overclock Nails (digital only)

If you want even more, there’s also a Forspoken Digital Deluxe Edition. It contains:

• Rare Resource Kit (only included for the PS5 version)

• Mini Artbook (Digital Download)

• Mini Soundtrack (Digital Download)

Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust prequel story DLC (coming Winter 2022, following the game’s launch. Players who pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition will receive early access to this prequel story DLC when released)

Take-Two Interactive has spoken numerous times about the need to increase prices to $70, blaming high production costs for next-gen consoles. Ex-PlayStation Boss Shawn Layden said the same, stating that games could cost as much as $200 million to make. That has made its way to PC with these preorders from Square Enix. Meanwhile, Microsoft has chosen to stick at $60 for its Xbox games for the time being.

Sources: Epic Games Store, Steam, Square Enix (1, 2) (via DSOGaming)

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  1. [QUOTE=”MadMummy76, post: 44929, member: 1298″]
    Actually forspoken is listed for €79.99 on the EU store. Laughable
    Yep and 109.99 for the deluxe.

    SquareEnix can kiss our @sses.

    I was wondering when the $70 price for 9th-gen games would start showing up for PC games. Just another stupid-@ss idea in a world where 6 months after launch, you can find games on sale for 50% off, and a year or two after launch, games can reach as low as 5 bucks (unless those games are on a Nintendo system, then you’d be lucky if they dropped down to $40).

    Also gotta love it when companies pull a Nintendo and try to sell you games that came out a couple years ago to several years ago for full f*cking price. I guess FF7 remake only came out in 2020, but even with the DLC included, it’s faaaaar too long after launch to charge $60 for this game, let alone $70. Sh1t should be $30 at most.

    Well, as I always say, they can charge whatever they want, but my @ss doesn’t usually pick up games until they are $20 and below (usually well below). So have fun with that SquareEnix. I know PC gamers love it when they are treated as second-class citizens, getting games well after the consoles (usually in a poorly-optimized state) and then being asked to pay full price for them. And then companies always act surprised and hurt when gamers resort to using “community demos.”

  3. Another interesting twist and it goes with what [USER=230]@DrezKill[/USER] said about games going on sale 6 months after launch is that I’ve noticed SE will release games around the end of the summer or early fall and then drop those prices just before BF happens. Now that’s not uncommon for older games but I’ve seen SE do it with a number of Tomb Raider games and Guardians of the Galaxy. Now on the plus side I do like their products. They’re not for everyone but I find myself replaying a lot of these games on multiple systems when I upgrade or get something new. I also like how they put the resources into developing new technologies as they come out. From SLI to 3D to HDR to mGPU to Atmos, DLSS, RTX, FAS, the list goes on and on for the things they try to work with.

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