Synergistic Research Is Selling a $2,000+ Ethernet Switch for Audiophiles

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Image: Synergistic Research

Audiophiles have been criticized as being an insane bunch for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on premium sound equipment, and there are plenty of companies out there who have capitalized on their passion by releasing new products that claim to improve audio quality.

One of these is Synergistic Research, which has recently released something that goes beyond cable elevators and exotic power cables: an audiophile-grade Ethernet switch. Dubbed the Ethernet Switch UEF, Synergistic Research’s new contraption costs over $2,000 and promises improved sound quality via streaming and other digital sources thanks to various technologies such as “active EM conditioning” and a direct connection for a ground block, enabling a lower noise floor.

“From the opening seconds, I could feel the atmosphere in the venue,” wrote one reviewer. “The music had a clarity, presence, and natural feel that, for the first time, made me think there was something worthwhile to streaming music. The sibilance was finally controlled. The soloists were so realistic I could feel something like their personalities in their voices. Musicians were solidly placed in realistic, identifiable positions on the soundstage. Jackson Browne sounded like I had heard him on my reference CD & LP rig. And the applause came from real people in the audience.”

“There are products that can be considered just the icing on the cake,” reads another. “This is not that. The Ethernet Switch UEF provides a dramatic step forward for streaming and digital performance. It is an important component and without question a real game changer. Congrats to Synergistic Research for another outstanding design and for the superb product execution.“

The exact MSRPs of Synergistic Research’s Ethernet Switch UEFs are $2,295 for the 110 V version and $2,595 for the 230 V version. Pricey upgrades such as the SRX, a 6-foot power cable that normally costs $10,000, are also available.

Source: Synergistic Research

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