Facebook/Meta Earns Title of “Worst Company of the Year”

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Facebook, which recently rebranded itself to Meta to flaunt its ambitions in the Metaverse space, is the worst company of 2021.

That, at least, is according to Yahoo! Finance readers, the majority of which selected Mark Zuckerberg’s company as the latest recipient of the publication’s annual “Worst Company of the Year” award. Naturally, the reasons for this include the many controversies that Facebook had gotten itself into over the past year, which include antitrust issues and allegations of how the company doesn’t care all that much about the safety of its users.

“Our survey’s 1,541 respondents were mad about a lot this year, from the Robinhood (HOOD) trading freezes last winter to electric truck startup Nikola still not having its act together,” Yahoo! Finance explained. “But one company irked them the most — Facebook (FB). The survey’s results shed more light on why the company decided to rebrand this year to a new name: Meta Platforms.”

“It’s been under the antitrust microscope and faced a flurry of allegations from a whistleblower claiming Facebook ignored safety issues for the sake of growth. Congress is constantly demanding answers from the company on both fronts. At the same time, some critics, including conservatives, say Facebook over-policed the platform’s speech and stifled their voices. Other critics, including those on the left side of the aisle, claim Facebook allows the spread of misinformation.”

Yahoo! Finance goes on to confirm that Facebook received the majority of hate from its survey takers, having received 50 percent more votes than Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, which entered in second place. Microsoft, on the opposite hand, managed to be crowned Company of the Year for its notable achievements that include reaching a $2 trillion market capitalization at the beginning of the summer season.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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