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Henry Cavill is no stranger to video game related adaptations, having already starred in major productions such as The Witcher for Netflix, but the British actor isn’t ashamed of confessing that gaming is a huge hobby for him and that he’d love to be involved in similar projects.

The latest comes from Scandinavia’s Gamereactor, which had the fortune of interviewing Cavill during The Witcher’s season two premiere held in Madrid, Spain’s capital. Cavill was asked what video game movie he’d like to star in, to which he replied, Red Dead Redemption 2.

“Well, that’s a tricky one, ’cause you’re tying both an IP and a company together, which is a tricky thing to do, so I certainly don’t want to put myself in any corners with that, but there are plenty of games out there,” Cavill said before bringing up Rockstar Games’ critically acclaimed Western.

“I’ve actually started playing Red Dead Redemption 2—I know I’m a little bit late to that party—but I started playing it and I’m really enjoying it. And so, something like that I think would be fun to turn into a movie.”

It’s unclear whether the thought of a Red Dead Redemption 2 movie may have crossed the minds of industry executives yet, but Cavill may indeed have another game-related project lined up based on some of his previous social media posts. The actor had hinted that he was involved in a TV series based on BioWare’s hit sci-fi franchise, Mass Effect, which, according to report published by Deadline last month, is in development at Amazon.

Source: Gamereactor

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  2. Yeah I think he would sign up for a Netflix series on cat food as long as the big paychecks keep coming.

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