AMD to Introduce Radeon Super Resolution (RSR), a New Scaling Technology That Will Work with Practically Every Game

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Image: AMD

Despite working pretty well, FidelityFX Super Resolution is not the only fancy scaling technology that AMD will be introducing to Radeon users and other gamers in the near future.

That’s according to a source with VideoCardz, who claims that AMD is planning to reveal a new scaling technology called Radeon Super Resolution (RSR). The feature is said to work with any game that can be switched into exclusive full-screen mode, which implies that Radeon Super Resolution can be enabled in pretty much every game on the market.

“RSR is based on FSR 1.0 algorithm and will work through the Radeon software driver,” VideoCardz explains. “The technology will therefore overcome the biggest issue of proprietary super-resolution technologies, which is a requirement to be implemented in a specific place in the graphics pipeline.”

“This is usually needed to prevent issues with user interfaces, which are usually rendered at native resolution. In other words, RSR will not require game developer support but will work independently through a Radeon driver.”

AMD is expected to release its Radeon Super Resolution technology in January 2022. The feature can supposedly be enabled on both RDNA and RDNA 2 graphics cards.

Source: VideoCardz

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