Bauhutte Develops Hand Massaging Device for PC Gamers

Image: Bauhutte

Bauhutte, the Japanese company responsible for introducing gaming beds and gaming mattresses to the world, is back with another amusing product: a hand massaging device targeting PC gamers.

Simply branded the “Hand Massager,” Bauhutte’s latest development features a shiatsu plate and 15 air cushions that the user can slide their fingers into to relieve muscle fatigue following strenuous gaming sessions. Two modes can be activated; a Shiatsu mode that addresses stiffness in the palm, and a Thimble mode, which pulls and stretches the fingers.

Image: Bauhutte

“Gamers’ fingers, which require precise device operation, are unknowingly accumulating fatigue,” reads a blurb on the product’s landing page. “Take good care with a massager and prepare for the play you want.”

Bauhutte’s Hand Massager is available in Japan for 15,994 yen, which works out to around 138 U.S. dollars. It’s unclear whether this will ever be sold internationally, but as Gizmodo noted in its coverage, the company does have an English site, indicating that Bauhutte might be planning a wider release of its products.

Source: Bauhutte (via Gizmodo)

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