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MSI has shared a press release detailing its latest monitor, the MEG 271Q Mini LED.

According to the manufacturer, this is the world’s first 27-inch monitor with a rapid IPS panel, 300 Hz refresh rate, and a backlight arrangement comprising over 1,000 mini LEDs. The resolution of the display is WQHD, and it also offers a fast 1-millisecond GtG response time.

“Definitely, it’s a beast for competitive gamers and the Esports scene,” MSI bragged before going on to confirm another of the MEG 271Q Mini LED’s key features, support for NVIDIA G-SYNC.

“Experience extremely smooth and tear-free gameplay with built-in NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE technology. Patented Mini LED backlight control technology gives you a stunning gaming experience and incredible contrast by over 500 zones local dimming areas.”

Key features, per MSI:

  • Extremely fast response time: Lightning-fast 300Hz high refresh rate performance for a smooth PC gaming experience. Catch every detail of motion and enjoy the most fluid gameplay, which ensures a flawless view of fast-motion and dramatic transitions consistently at all time.
  • Rapid IPS Panel: Rapid IPS display provides gamers with an ultra-fast response time, which will significantly reduce monitor blur occurrence. The MSI MEG 271Q Mini LED provides up to 1ms GtG response time. The crystal clear image will certainly give you a competitive edge for precise decisions in fast-moving games. Meanwhile, rapid IPS panel gives you a vivid color performance. DCI-P3 97% is an outstanding performance beyond the most gaming monitor.
  • WQHD resolution: The MSI MEG 271Q Mini LED features a WQHD panel that supports resolution up to 2560 x 1440. This 16:9 panel allows gamers to examine bigger game scenes compared to other traditional FHD panels, and put them ahead of other competitors. 27” WQHD has 32.9% more than the regular 27” FHD monitor in PPI. Enjoy a different level of image quality and sharpness.
  • VESA Certified DisplayHDR 1000: The MSI MEG 271Q Mini LED is equipped with HDR technology that can produce images with more details, wider range of colors, and look more similar to what is seen by the human eye when compared to traditional monitors.

MSI’s press release doesn’t include pricing or date of avilability.

Source: MSI

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