GIGABYTE Announces AORUS RGB DDR5 6000 MHz 32 GB Memory Kit

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GIGABYTE has announced a new kit of next-generation memory for fans of the manufacturer seeking to add more performance, RGB, and eagles to their build.

As detailed in a press release shared today, the AORUS RGB DDR5 6000 MHz 32 GB Memory Kit comprises two 16 GB modules with 40-40-40-76 timings, offering both high clock speed and low power consumption for Intel fans who have upgraded to the Z690 platform and Alder Lake-S processors. The memory includes a DDR5 XMP Booster function that allows users to switch between multiple built-in overclocking profiles, as well as various solutions to keep temperatures in check.


Capacity32GB kit (2x16GB)
Multi-Channel KitDual Channel Kit
SPD Latency40-40-40-77
SPD Speed4800MHz
SPD Voltage1.1V
Tested Latency40-40-40-76
Tested Speed6000MHz
Tested Voltage1.35V
Heatspreader ColorAORUS Gray
Package Memory Pin288
Performance ProfileXMP 3.0
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
CompatibilityPlease refer to Support for more detail.

“AORUS RGB DDR5 6000MHz 32GB Memory Kit equips robust thermal solutions of the copper-aluminum heat spreaders with nano-carbon coating and high conductivity-thermal pad, so that users can rest assure of their memory overclocking,” AORUS noted in its press release.

“The heat generated from the power control IC and memory chip can be quickly carried out by the thermal pad and the copper bottom, and exchanges through the air between nano-carbon coated copper-aluminum heat spreaders.”

As for the lighting, GIGABYTE’s new AORUS DDR5 memory is equipped with an RGB strip comprising eight digital LEDs that can be controlled via the manufacturer’s RGB Fusion App. A link to the product page can be found here.


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