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Konami has decided to celebrate the 35th anniversary of one of its best-known franchises in an arguably controversial way.

As detailed on a new Konami Memorial NFT site, Konami will be auctioning off a handful of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to commemorate the 35th anniversary of its long-running vampire-slaying series, Castlevania. There are a total of fourteen NFTs up for auction, which comprise game scenes, BGM, and newly drawn art from the classic franchise.

Minors are not eligible to take part in the auction, but Castlevania fans who are interested can refer to the schedule below for the relevant auction dates. The auction is being held on OpenSea, one of the most popular online marketplaces for buying and selling NFTs and other cryptocollectables.

Auction Schedule

  • (US East) Jan.12 17:00 – Jan.14 21:00 EST
  • (US West) Jan.12 14:00 – Jan.14 18:00 PST
  • (UK) Jan.12 22:00 – Jan.15 02:00 GMT
  • (Japan) Jan.13 07:00 – Jan.15 11:00 JST

“As we move into the future, our business fields will continue to expand with the advancement of electronics such as mobile devices and home game consoles, as well as with the emergence of new distribution platforms that utilize cloud technology,” Kimihiko Higashio, Konami Holdings’ president, said in a recent statement to shareholders that led into a small bit regarding NFTs.

“What’s more, with the evolution of technologies such as AI, 5G and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), as well as the increasing recognition of esports as a sporting event, we expect the market to be revitalized by inventive new ways to enjoy games.”

The most recent Castlevania games that have been released include CR Pachinko Akumaj┼Ź Dracula, Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, and Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody. The first is a pachinko game, while the latter are iOS and Android titles.

Source: Konami

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  1. It will just be bought up by opportunistic investors, not actual fans of the franchise. Much like the fake game enthusiasts buying up collections of retro games.

    I hope every company who does this goes belly up, I really do. Then they can go crawling back to actual fans.

  2. [QUOTE=”hubaduba, post: 46270, member: 1423″]
    I hope this fails miserably.
    I do too. Fuck NFT’s.

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