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Essential PC hardware such as graphics cards and processors aren’t the only components that are being affected by the global chip shortage.

As spotted by Apple Insider’s editors, Canon’s ink cartridges are the latest chip shortage victim, according to a support page from the European division’s site that lists numerous imageRunner multi-function printers with ink cartridges that may no longer include chips used for confirming the authenticity of the product and level of ink that’s left in the cartridge.

“Camera and printer producer Canon has run into the situation where it has to send printer cartridges out without its usual collection of chips,” Apple Insider reported. “As spotted by Mario W on Twitter, this means Canon is producing ink cartridges without what he refers to as ‘copy-protection measures,’ and is starting to contact customers about a fix.”

“Canon warns that there is ‘no negative impact on print quality when using the consumables without electronic components,’ but features such as ‘the ability to detect toner levels’ could be affected.”

With Canon already being one of the biggest optical and imaging companies, it’s possible that other printer manufacturers might run into similar problems in the near future. There’s no indication as to when Canon will be getting the proper chips back into its affected cartridges.

Source: Apple Insider

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  1. Maybe this is a win? They’ll be forced to sell ink as refills now :p

    Or not, because screw the environment we still sell you a new print head and cartridge even if its completely uneccessary every time th 5ml ink runs out.

  2. Ink is the most valuable substance sold at retail today. It’s completely manufactured value based on the propensity of the manufacturer to reap profits from the target with planned obsolescence.

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