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Igor Wallossek has shared new diagrams that showcase the design and components behind AMD’s new socket, LGA 1718.

Complementing the next-generation AM5 platform, AMD’s LGA 1718 socket looks quite similar to the current PGA socket but features some practical changes, according to Wallossek. One of these is the addition of four threaded sleeves, which are said to provide a stronger hold versus other designs such as Intel’s LGA-1700 socket.

“The advantage of this solution is obvious, because the acting forces are distributed over a total of 8 different points and also over a significantly larger area,” Wallossek explained before discussing the design’s new recesses.

“The annoying fumbling of the CPU out of the socket casing, where inexperienced fingers often cause irreversible damage to the pins, is significantly reduced by the two recesses for the fingers,” wrote Wallossek. “These larger lateral recesses also serve somewhat for ventilation, even if one could see the practical use rather questionable.”

AMD has confirmed that cooling solutions designed for AM4 will be compatible with its next-generation AM5 socket.

Source: Igor’s Lab

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  1. [QUOTE=”Brent_Justice, post: 46687, member: 3″]
    Nice, I like

    Seems like the right progression forward, looking forward to a long lived AM5

    Yes, let’s hope to get at least 5+ years out of it like we did AM4. Don’t be like Intel and change your damn socket every year.

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