AMD RAMP Is AMD’s Answer to Intel XMP 3.0 for Accelerating DDR5 Memory on AM5 Platform

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Intel’s Extreme Memory Profile 3.0 (XMP 3.0) allows owners of select Z690 motherboards for 12th Gen Core processors to easily overclock their DDR5 memory, but AMD users will have something similar to play with when the company’s next-generation hardware rolls out.

As reported by ComputerBase, AMD’s AM5 platform will include a new feature dubbed “AMD RAMP,” which is essentially red team’s version of Intel’s XMP 3.0. A successor to A-XMP and AMP, RAMP stands for Ryzen Accelerated Memory Profile and should allow DDR5 memory on Ryzen 7000 systems to easily be overclocked beyond JEDEC specifications on supported hardware.

“Since hardly any RAM manufacturer does without Intel’s XMP standard, it can be assumed that AMD’s counterpart will work in a very similar way,” ComputerBase theorized.

“DDR5 memory modules that support AMD RAMP will therefore probably also support Intel XMP 3.0 and vice versa. Nevertheless, there should be a selection of memory bars explicitly for AMD Ryzen 7000, at least for marketing something like it always works in the past.”

Support for AMD RAMP may initially be found on only a handful of the first premium AM5 motherboards. Intel’s XMP 3.0 is currently officially supported on only 22 Z690 motherboards, according to a chart shared by the company.

Source: ComputerBase

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