Project Iris: Google Aiming to Release New AR Headset in 2024

Image: Google

Google’s first attempt at an AR headset, Google Glass, never managed to really take off in the consumer space, but the company is giving the form factor another go as part of a new initiative codenamed Project Iris.

As reported by The Verge, Project Iris is Google’s latest attempt to build an AR headset for mixed reality, which companies such as Microsoft have described as a blend of physical and digital worlds. Powered by a custom Google processor and running Android OS just like the latest Pixel smartphones, Google’s headset could begin shipping as early as 2024, according to the publication’s coverage.

“Given power constraints, Google’s strategy is to use its data centers to remotely render some graphics and beam them into the headset via an internet connection,” The Verge explained, noting that the device features outward-facing cameras for more immersive mixed-reality experiences.

“I’m told that the Pixel team is involved in some of the hardware pieces, but it’s unclear if the headset will ultimately be Pixel-branded. The name Google Glass is almost certainly off the table, thanks to the early blowback (remember “Glasshole?”) and the fact that it technically still exists as an enterprise product.”

Around 300 people are reportedly working on the project, including Clay Bavor, the executive managing Project Starline, an ultra-high-resolution video chat booth that’s capable of recreating users in 3D. Google demonstrated the possibilities of this technology in a video shared last year.

Source: The Verge

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