Ubisoft Ends Support for Watch Dogs: Legion, No More Title Updates Planned

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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has revealed that its latest Watch Dogs game, Watch Dogs: Legion, will not be receiving any more title updates.

The Watch Dogs: Legion development team confirmed the news in a recent article reminding players of all of the hard work that it had performed for the game, noting that Title Update 5.6 would be the hacker title’s “final update.”

That said, Watch Dogs: Legion players can still look forward to reward tracks in the game’s Online Mode, which will introduce both new and returning awards.

“The current season 4 Rebels track, containing 80 ranks, will run until January 22, 2022, followed by Season 5 Stripes,” Ubisoft explained.

“After that, Seasons 3-5 will continue to cycle and return to the game, giving you the opportunity to acquire rewards you might have missed out on in the past. Some rewards to look forward to is a modified version of Aiden Pearce’s jacket, and Jackson’s mask and clothing set.”

Watch Dog: Legion’s final update, Title Update 5.6, was released on September 14, 2021. The update addressed several bugs in the game, which included an issue that prevented players from recruiting Operatives with the requirement of Season Rank 10 while having already unlocked that rank.

Source: Watch Dogs: Legion

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