AT&T Launches 5-Gigabit Internet in 70 Cities, Costs $180/Month

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Image: AT&T

AT&T has launched two new multi-gig internet speed tiers for 70 metro areas, enabling speeds of up to 5 gigs for nearly 5.2 million customers.

Dubbed Hyper-Gig, the new plans comprise 2 gig speed and 5 gig speed AT&T Fiber tiers that cost $110 and $180 per month, respectively. The full list of multi-gig metros, which include L.A. Atlanta, and Dallas, can be found here. Both plans include a subscription to AT&T and WarnerMedia’s HBO Max streaming service.

The new plans, per AT&T:

AT&T Fiber 2 GIG: $110/month + taxes; AT&T Business Fiber 2 GIG: $225/month + taxes

Designed for the powerfully interconnected home or small business, our 2-Gig service provides customers with equal upload and download speeds and a strong, reliable connection. With the ability to support dozens of connected devices working at their fastest possible speeds today, customers can better avoid performance gaps to meet the evolving demands of business and entertainment.

AT&T Fiber 5 GIG: $180/month + taxes; AT&T Business Fiber 5 GIG: $395/month + taxes

This is game-changing internet! With unsurpassed speeds and the ability to support dozens of connected devices, our 5-Gig service will allow customers to create, engage and connect at top speed. And boasting our maximum upload and download speeds, 5-Gig customers can work, live and play with more bandwidth than ever.

AT&T added that it is working hard on expanding its multi-gig coverage and expects to cover 30 million customer locations by the end of 2025. The company also confirmed that it has achieved 10-gig speeds in its labs.

Source: AT&T

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