Elden Ring Goes Gold, Can Be Completed in around 30 Hours, Says Producer

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Image: FromSoftware

FromSoftware’s upcoming fantasy action RPG, Elden Ring, can be completed in around 30 hours.

The length of the game was revealed in a new video with footage from the Taipei Game Show shared today, in which producer Yasuhiro Kitao indicated that Elden Ring players should expect to spend at least 30 hours with the game before reaching its credits. Kitao clarified that this number only applies to the main story, however: fans who wish see everything that the game has to offer can expect hours of more gameplay.

“This will differ significantly by player, but in terms of targets set during development, the idea is that the main route should be able to be completed within around 30 hours,” Kitao said before going on to describe Elden Ring as a “massive” experience that will require more than a single playthrough due to its branching story.

“The game as a whole is quite massive and contains many dozens more hours’ worth of gameplay, but if we are talking about the main route only, it shouldn’t take much longer than that. With the world being so vast, the game is designed so that it can be cleared without necessarily experiencing everything.”

“Technically, it’s impossible to reach 100% due to the fact that there are branching points near the end, but you can certainly get pretty close.”

Kitao also confirms in the video that Elden Ring has gone gold ahead of the game’s official release on February 25. FromSoftware is still working on a day one patch.

Source: Bandai Namco

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