GPU Prices Are Seemingly Dropping

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Tech outlets have shared some hopium for enthusiasts who are still waiting for graphics cards to fall back to sane levels.

One dose comes from Tom’s Hardware, which has shared data alluding to positive price changes for both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards on auction sites. Comprising one week’s worth of pricing data from late December and the past week from eBay, the numbers suggest that selling prices for GeForce RTX and Radeon RX cards have declined by as much as 11.6 percent on average.

Late December vs. Late January GPU Pricing (eBay)

GPU ModelDecember 20th-27th Avg PriceGPUs SoldJanuary 17th-24th Avg PriceGPUs SoldPrice ChangeQuantity Change
RTX 3090$2,829.39312$2,550.86336-9.8%7.7%
RTX 3080 Ti$1,951.33247$1,863.94241-4.5%-2.4%
RTX 3080 12GBN/A0$1,681.229N/AN/A
RTX 3080 10GB$1,804.28416$1,595.41311-11.6%-25.2%
RTX 3070 Ti$1,191.25217$1,185.55241-0.5%11.1%
RTX 3070$1,139.29504$1,084.15349-4.8%-30.8%
RTX 3060 Ti$980.99572$933.63496-4.8%-13.3%
RTX 3060$749.11485$705.01400-5.9%-17.5%
RX 6900 XT$1,503.7745$1,558.92363.7%-20.0%
RX 6800 XT$1,363.5473$1,256.9261-7.8%-16.4%
RX 6800$1,263.1726$1,149.269-9.0%-65.4%
RX 6700 XT$901.37155$848.64105-5.8%-32.3%
RX 6600 XT$640.4998$607.5980-5.1%-18.4%
RX 6600$586.89100$518.6676-11.6%-24.0%
RX 6500 XTN/A0$375.229N/AN/A

Another stems from 3D Center’s editors, who returned this week with another round of retail price trends that depict the pricing of NVIDIA and AMD’s graphics cards at major German retailers. Pricing for GeForce RTX and Radeon RX products have fallen by 8 percent and 11 percent, respectively, according to the chart.

German Retail Price Trend Ending January 23

“The massive fall in the Ethereum price is likely to have simply taken some demand out of the market, which automatically creates the potential for increasing inventories,” speculates. “Either way, the needs of cryptominers should no longer have a price-driving effect for the moment, which means that there is potential for further falling graphics card street prices.”

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