Intel Arc Alchemist Mobile GPU Lineup Confirmed in Leaked Slide

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Image: Intel

Leaker HXL has shared what appears to be an official slide from Intel that details it upcoming Arc Alchemist GPU lineup for notebooks and similar mobile devices.

As indicated in the slide, laptop users who are interested in trying out blue team’s discrete graphics effort can expect to choose between five DG2 SKUs, the most of powerful of which will leverage 512 Execution Units (EU). It also couples a 256-bit memory bus with 16 GB of GDDR6 memory clocked at 16 Gbps, leading to 512 GB/s of total bandwidth.

Arc Alchemist’s other mobile parts range from a DG2 SKU with 384 EUs and 12 GB of memory to a model with just 96 EUs and 4 GB of memory, the weakest in the family. There are no signs of a 448 EU SKU, which was previously rumored.

Source: HXL

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