Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Getting NVIDIA DLSS

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to get a performance boost courtesy of NVIDIA’s deep learning super sampling technology, DLSS.

News of the upcoming feature stems from a Q&A session held this week with members of the development team, who confirmed that DLSS support will be available later this year for the critically acclaimed flight game’s DirectX 12 mode. The Q&A also included a handful of other announcements that include the release of a Top Gun: Maverick expansion pack in May, as well as fixes for performance drop issues during long-haul flights.

Key points from the interview, per Flight Simulator Blog:

  • World Update 7 will cover Australia with updated satellite imagery, a new digital elevation model, and a bunch of point-of-interest on January 31.
  • Sim Update 8 is focusing on bug fixes only and is delayed a bit, now expected on March 1. The beta possibility will come shortly after World Update 7.
  • World Update 8: Iberia is coming in late March, including both Portugal and Spain.
  • A free Top Gun: Maverick expansion pack is expected to be released in May.
  • Both gliders and helicopters are coming in autumn.
  • Several surprize addon releases are expected during 2022.
  • New propeller simulation, including prop wash, is coming to Cessna and King Air aircraft with Sim Update 8.
  • Several complex 3rd party aircraft are coming within the upcoming months.
  • 3rd party aircraft platform for Xbox Series X|S is coming within 6 months, until then, PMDG DC-6 is not available for console.
  • DLSS support is coming later this year for DirectX 12 mode.
  • Sim Update 9, coming in April, is focusing only on stability issues. Always report performance issues at the official Forums to help the team to investigate.
  • Performace drop issues during long-haul flights will be looked out for Sim Update 9.
  • The next Developer Q&A will be at the end of February, just before Sim Update 8.

Source: Microsoft Flight Simulator (via Flight Simulator Blog)

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