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While MSIs Mystic Light module controls lighting, the macro features of the Vigor GK71 Sonic are controlled through MSIs Gaming Gear module, both of which can be found under the Features tab in MSI Center.

MSI Center Features Tab GK71 Sonic and GM41 Wireless

We did find it somewhat awkward to need to use the Features tab to switch between Gaming Gear and Mystic light – this is likely a decision driven by MSIs inclusion of the customization options of all of their products into a single application. On balance MSI Center comes across as sleek and clean, and there’s very little overall to complain about, except perhaps having the names of the peripherals listed here.

MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic in MSI Center

So far, the Gaming Gear module in MSI Center is focused on macro capability. There are three available profiles and thirty macros supported in each.

MSI Center Gaming Gear Macro Key Selected

The macro capability allows for recording of macros as typed as well as by clicking specific buttons on the keyboard representation. Every key is assignable aside from the ‘MSI Key’ between the right Windows key and right Control key.

MSI Mystic Light in MSI Center

To customize the lighting, the Mystic Light module is accessed through the Features tab. Here the color of individual products may be set, or selectively linked to the global setting. Below you can see three MSI products linked – the Vigor GK71 Sonic keyboard, the Clutch GM41 Wireless mouse, and the Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi motherboard.

MSI Center Mystic Light Z490 and GK71 Sonic and GM41 Wireless Syncd

When choosing just the Vigor GK71 Sonic, per-key lighting customization is available under the ‘Customize’ option in the LED Style drop-down menu. The color selected on the left is applied to keys on the right upon selection.

MSI Center Mystic Light Individual Key Lighting Selection

In addition to the three available Mystic Light profiles, the Game Sync and Ambient Link tabs provide synchronization outside of the MSI product ecosystem. Game Sync provides dynamic lighting that is driven by in-game events in supported games, while Ambient Link synchronizes with Nanoleaf and Philips Hue products.

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