Dying Light 2 Fans Unhappy over Last-Minute Addition of Denuvo

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Dying Light 2 fans who have already purchased the upcoming post-apocalyptic sequel are calling for refunds after discovering that its developer, Techland, had quietly added Denuvo’s controversial DRM to the game. According to SteamDB, this occurred yesterday, February 1, just a few days before its official release. Techland has suggested that the DRM won’t have any noticeable impact on Dying Light 2’s performance, however.

DENUVO IS CONFIRMED! (Dying Light 2 Steam Forums):

  • Looks like Dying Light 2 will use this anti-consumer piece of software. Not going to pre-order, I’m afraid.
  • They’ve now officially added it on the store page because the cat was let out of the bag (Probably accidentally) by tech support
  • If it’s not that big of a deal like some people claim, then why did they hide it for so long?

Techland’s Response (Dying Light 2 Steam Forums):

  • To protect the efforts of the whole team from piracy we suffered when we released Dying Light 1, we’ve included the Denuvo system, at least for the launch period. It’s a solution used widely for AAA games nowadays.
  • Being gamers ourselves, we understand your concerns, and we want to ensure that it will not impact your gaming experience. We continue putting extra resources into testing the game, and at this stage, we do not see any noticeable impact on the performance.
  • We’ll be actively reviewing feedback during the game’s launch. Do not hesitate to share yours with us too.

In less controversial news, Techland has shared the system requirements of Dying Light 2 with NVIDIA DLSS enabled. Players who want to experience the game with ray tracing on at 4K/60 FPS will need at least an Intel Core i5-8600K or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card, according to Techland’s chart.

Image: Techland

Techland will also be releasing a day-one patch for the game that reportedly includes over 1,000 fixes, indicating that the developer has really been burning the midnight oil to get the game in a bug-free state for its official release.

Dying Light 2’s Day One Patch Includes Over 1,000 Fixes (IGN)

  • Bugs present in the pre-release version of the game included dialogues that blocked story progression, regular crashing, and missing sound and voice-over audio.
  • “You can expect the day one patch with another thousand tweaks to go live on consoles within the next few days, and of course, we are continuing our efforts to improve the PC version in real-time.”
  • It also promised that Dying Light 2 will receive five years of post-launch content on top of the supposed 500 hours it takes to fully complete the game.

Dying Light 2 Day One Patch Notes

  • Fixed the Broadcast infinite respawn story block
  • Fix for dialogues that block story progression
  • Re-signing to the coop session doesn’t fail in case the user is logged in
  • Fixed crash when handling electrical parts to Carlos in Bazaar
  • Fixed problems with temporarily lowering the difficulty level – improved adaptive difficulty for AIs
  • Fixed crash caused by background renderer during the transition between menu and loading screens
  • Increased Wwise overall memory limit – fix for missing sounds and voice-over
  • Resolved problems with objects and AI sinking into the ground on a flat surface.
  • DLSS enabled. Improved default DLSS sharpness.
  • Fix for AI sometimes freezing/becoming immortal when the owner changes during death
  • Fixed the gamepad isn’t detected by the game before any movement or action will be conducted using a keyboard or mouse
  • Added protection against potential crashes.
  • Updates for ES, CH; DE intro.
  • Added missing game actions fixing the game’s unresponsiveness.
  • Fixed streamer mode option that(was not working properly).
  • Fixed crash on opening the secondary screen.
  • Fixed disconnecting coop sessions after a certain amount of time.
  • And many more…
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