AMD CPUs Have More Bugs, according to Intel Security Report

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Intel’s security department has shared a new 37-page security report that includes statistics and other insight regarding all of the vulnerabilities that the company had looked into over the previous year. According to one page of the report (“Intel & AMD CVE Data”), Intel processors are affected by less flaws than its competitor: while AMD reported 31 flaws, Intel’s CPUs only reported 16 flaws. It’s the opposite for the graphics side, however, as AMD reported 27 graphics vulnerabilities versus Intel’s 51 graphics vulnerabilities.

Image: Intel

Intel 2021 Product Security Report (Intel)

  • Intel has a vast portfolio of products (as listed on including many categories other silicon vendors do not compete in. In order to provide an accurate comparison, this report narrows CVE counts to two primary areas, CPUs and Graphics, and compares data with AMD, who also ships products in these categories.
  • In 2021, Intel reported 16 CPU and 51 graphics vulnerabilities (67 combined) while AMD reported 31 CPU and 27 graphics vulnerabilities (58 combined).
  • As previously noted in this report, our Security First Pledge guides us to transparently report vulnerabilities whether found internally or externally. We have not identified any AMD-published CVEs in 2021 attributed to AMD internal research. Therefore, the information in this comparison is based solely on AMD CVEs attributed to external research.

Intel Says Its CPUs Have Fewer New Bugs Than AMD, Nearly Half Its GPU Bugs Come From AMD (Tom’s Hardware)

  • (The chart originally showed only ten CPU vulnerabilities, which didn’t match the text in the document, but Intel corrected it after we notified the company of the discrepancy.)
  • It’s tough to match these exactly, because in most cases, Intel’s GPUs come embedded in its CPUs. With the exception of Intel Xe DG1, Intel is largely still in integrated graphics, which are embedded in the processor.
  • […] before AMD can be crowned the victor in GPU security, Intel notes that the CVE INTEL-SA-00481 for Intel Core Processors with Radeon RX Vega M graphics features 23 vulnerabilities for AMD’s components. Those appear to be for Intel’s Kaby Lake-G processors, which paired 8th Gen Intel Core processors with AMD’s Radeon graphics and showed up in laptops like the Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 as well as the “Hades Canyon” NUC. So while those fall on Intel’s side because they were on Intel’s chip, the vulnerabilities were on AMD’s part of the tech.
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