New God of War Patch (1.0.5) Allows DLSS Sharpening to Be Completely Disabled, AMD Performance Problems Identified

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Image: Santa Monica Studio

Santa Monica Studio has released a new patch for God of War that brings additional fixes and features to the PC port of its critically acclaimed action-adventure title. Among them is an improvement to the DLSS sharpening slider that was introduced in the previous patch; God of War players can now completely disable DLSS sharpening by setting the slider to zero. Santa Monica Studio has also confirmed that it has identified the problem that’s been responsible for reduced performance on AMD systems and is working on a solution.

Patch v1.0.5 Released (Steam)

  • […] while we do not have a timeline, we want to communicate that we have identified the primary cause leading to AMD performance problems and are now investigating solutions to resolve this issue.

Patch Notes


  • In-game glyphs will now correctly correspond to the controller type selected in Steam
  • Setting the DLSS Sharpening slider to 0 will now properly disable DLSS Sharpening
  • Interactions between the game and the taskbar will now work correctly in Borderless Fullscreen
  • Game audio should now mute when the application is in the background
  • TAA will no longer causes blurriness when the Render Scale is below 100%
  • Borderless Fullscreen mode will now not impact visibility in the Task Switcher (Alt+Tab)
  • Correct UI elements will now be shown if an action is bound to the mouse wheel
  • HDR brightness will no longer be impacted by SDR brightness settings

New Features

  • Option to minimize when focus is lost in Borderless Fullscreen
  • Error message if the game is unable to open or write to a save file
  • Precision mouse mode*
    • This new mode works by ignoring the default mouse-to-camera conversion implementation. Additional sensitivity fine-tuning can be done by tweaking values in the settings.ini file in the game installation folder. This mode should NOT be used in conjunction with Aim Assist.

AMD CPU/GPU Issues (Steam)

  • I know I don’t have a high end pc. Well, the game runs, no doubt. 90% of the time I can play it very well, but some times it goes on “super slow motion” (cut scenes included), what makes the game impossible to play for a few seconds, and then, go back to fully playable. (Radeon RX 5500 XT)
  • I played for about an hour now and the fps seem to drop pretty hard from 60 to 40 then 50 then 30 and so on and I already play on the lowest settings (AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, AMD R9 390)
  • I’m using the AMD Radeon R9 390 series, after a few minutes of gameplay the game goes on the fritz with a a few seconds of severe visual bugs (stretchy models, colors going crazy, etc) then it freezes and Radeon software pops up saying there was a timeout.
  • This game runs TERRIBLY on AMD, and i would wait for patches before buying
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