ALT Motion Controller Wants to Replace Gaming Keyboards

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Image: PIA Labs

Using a keyboard to play PC games is old news, according to Pia Labs, a company that is gearing up to take pre-orders for a novel new peripheral dubbed the ALT Motion Controller. Described as a gaming keyboard that’s “re-imagined for 21st century gaming,” the ALT, otherwise known as the Avatar Motion Controller, comprises a trackball-like base that features a trio of analog sticks, the directions of which can be mapped to over 100 key commands and macros. The ALT even features an analog steering wheel that makes it suitable for racing titles.

Image: Pia Labs

About Section (Pia Labs)

  • The Mouse is the perfect device for fast accurate aiming but the keyboard has always been out of its league as a gaming device. Typing on a keyboard to play is unrealistic, unnatural and very challenging to master and it is a major distraction from playing FPS games.
  • The goal was to create a transformative controller for FPS games to replace the ubiquitous Gaming Keyboard with a device that would be designed to play FPS games without having to Type to Play. Not only can it instantly execute any commands a keyboard can but to top that off he added a steering wheel for more realism when driving all the vehicles in open worlds FPS games!
  • No longer does any gamer PC or Console, who wants to play FPS games using a mouse will have to suffer from the steep learning curve and constant distractions that typing on Gaming Keyboard causes.

Ex-Razer Designer Creates Controller to Replace Gaming Keyboards (GameRant)

  • [Designer and developer Edward] Larkin claims that a newcomer can master it after as little as 15-24 hours of use.
  • As for the price, the Alt Motion will go for $250 once it starts shipping later this year.
  • The company plans to start taking preorders in March, though prospective buyers can still sign up for PLA Labs’ mailing list.
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