Calls NFTs a Scam: “Fu*k Any Company That Endorses Them”

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Indie game site has taken to Twitter to let everyone know how it feels about one of the biggest and lucrative blockchain technology trends of today, NFTs. According to the open marketplace that allows users to sell their independent video games and more, NFTs are nothing more than “scams” that are designed to exploit people while hurting the planet. also called NFT supporters “dense” and to “fu*k any company” that endorses them, alleging that they only care about their own profits.

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  • is an open marketplace for independent digital creators with a focus on independent video games. It’s a platform that enables anyone to sell the content they’ve created.
  • As a seller you’re in charge of how it’s done: you set the price, you run sales, and you design your pages. It’s never necessary to get votes, likes, or follows to get your content approved, and you can make changes to how you distribute your work as frequently as you like.
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